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connecting word

See linking.


See linking.

Content and Language Integrated Learning

(CLIL) The target language is not formally taught as a foreign language. Students study some or all of their academic syllabus (science, maths or history) in the target language.

It is also referred to as Thematic Learning, bi-lingual education or immersion.


A particular situation in which a specific piece of language is used. Context may change meaning.
E.g., I posted a letter.  I posted about that in my blog. 

Teaching new language in context (contextualising) makes it easier for learners to understand the meaning of that language and the way in which it is used. 


See context.


See fricative.

controlled practice

The accuracy-based activities that are aimed at enabling students to practise producing new language correctly.  The focus is on producing correct grammatical forms, accurate pronunciation, or the correct use of new vocabulary. You may also see this referred to as restricted practice.

coordinating conjunction

It is a conjunction used between clauses in a compound sentence.

copula verbs

Also spelledcopular. See linking verbs.


A corpus is a collection of written texts. Corpuses are often used for linguistic research, for example, to find out what words commonly collocate with a particular word.

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