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copula verbs

Also spelledcopular. See linking verbs.


A corpus is a collection of written texts. Corpuses are often used for linguistic research, for example, to find out what words commonly collocate with a particular word.

correction code

It is the use of symbols when correcting students' written work to indicate what type of mistake they have made.
E.g., T indicates using the wrong tense.

correction spot

It is a point in the lesson, usually after a fluency activity, where the teacher goes over errors students have made during the activity.


'Certificate of Proficiency in English' isĀ a Cambridge English examination for students at C2 level. It is often referred to as 'the Proficiency.'

cultural knowledge

It is the knowledge about a culture. Cultural knowledge can contribute to linguistic understanding. For example, knowledge of the style and political position of a newspaper can help a reader know what to expect from a given newspaper article.

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