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VAK is a learning style model which divides preferred learning styles into three types:Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic. Other models identify more than 3 styles. Some educationalists reject theories of learning styles altogether.

vanishing syllable

See disappearing syllable.


It is a word which describes an action or state, e.g., jump, go, see, be, have, and believe.

verb phrase

A verb phrase can be just a main verb (He errs), or a main verb with modal and/or auxiliary verbs. If there is more than one item in the verb phrase, the main verb comes last. (He has erred; He must have erred, etc. )


It is a learning style. 


It is a learning style.


Virtual learning environment is a web-based educational platform. It may be a part of blended learning - face-to-face teaching combined with a digital learning platform, or an entirely online course, such as this one.


If a sound is voiced, the vocal cords are vibrating and producing a noise.


If a sound is voiceless (or 'unvoiced'), the vocal cords are not vibrating or producing a noise.