Frequently asked questions

This depends largely on how much time you can commit to study on a week by week basis. Everyone who registers for the course is allotted 6 months to complete it from the day they enrol. Most of our trainees complete the course more quickly, but it depends on your individual situation.
The course consists of nine (9) units plus the Getting Started module. The units must be completed in sequential order. For example, you will not see the activities for Unit 2 until you have completed Unit 1.
Getting Started is the best way to get off to the best start possible! You must complete this module before Unit 1 will appear.
To complete the course successfully you are required to complete and pass two assignments as well as completing the ‘Test your knowledge’ tests for units 1 - 9. The tests are automatically marked and you will need to achieve 80% to pass. Your assignments will be marked by a course assessor.
At the end of each unit, there is a test which you must pass in order to move on to the next unit. The pass mark is 80%. There are nine tests in total. The two assignments are both individually graded as Pass or Fail.
No, your overall grade will either be Pass or Fail.
Please allow five full working days after the day you submit your assignment for your work to be graded. This means an assignment submitted on Monday will normally be returned on Tuesday of the following week. However, please be aware that marking may take longer during busy periods. You need to figure this into your course time.
No. We don't provide lists of the correct answers to the tests. However for each incorrect answer we do highlight which topic you should revisit.
You can attempt a quiz an unlimited number of times. There is no penalty for resitting tests. This will not affect your final grade and the number of attempts will not be recorded on your certificate.
You can resubmit your assignment if you do not pass it the first time. You can submit each assignment up to three times. (i.e. after the FIRST submission, you may re-submit TWICE only, which is THREE submissions in total.) If you do not pass an assignment, you will not receive a grade, but you will be given clear feedback as to why you have not passed and given the opportunity to re-submit your work. If this happens, please read your feedback very carefully and make sure you follow the advice your marker has given. You can ask for additional support by sending a ticket to the platform. You will not be able to resubmit assignments which have already been awarded a pass. There is no penalty for resubmitting assignments. This will not affect your final grade and the number of attempts will not be recorded on your certificate.
If you are using Microsoft Office (eg: Word, Power Point) you can save your document directly as a PDF by selecting ‘Save as’ from the File menu. When the ‘Save as’ dialog box appears, select PDF from the ‘Save as type’ drop down options.
Alternatively you can also print to PDF format. When selecting ‘Print’ from the File menu choose ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’ as the printer. If you are using a MAC open the document you want to save as a PDF. Choose File > Print. Click the PDF pop-up menu, then choose Save as PDF.
A .docx file will open quite happily in Word for Mac, of course, but it can also be edited in Pages. The following websites have further instructions:
How to open a .docx Word file on Mac, iPad or iPhone
How to open a Microsoft Word document in Pages on a Mac computer, and export a Pages file back to Word
Cloud Convert is also a useful resource for converting documents.
You will have the opportunity to review any file you have uploaded before you confirm it as your final submission. If you have recently uploaded a file to an Assignment Summary page, but have not yet submitted this file for marking, you may choose to edit or remove this file. If however, you have uploaded an incorrect file and have subsequently confirmed this as your final submission prior to the due date, you must lodge a ticket through Technical Support to request your submission be reversed.
If you did not successfully pass your assignment upon your first (or second) submission, you can resubmit. When doing so, please do not delete your original submission files from the Assignment summary box. When you upload your new files make sure to give them a new name by adding the new submission number to the filename as shown in the Assignment details.
The maximum file size for assignment uploads is 8 megabytes per file. This should be more than enough to cover the required word length and additional materials, especially as you can upload up to 15 files. If you have an assignment file that exceeds the maximum file size, then break it down into multiple files.
For all administrative matters please contact The TEFL Academy course administrators on:
UK: 01273 806 380
IE/EU: +353 (1) 554 6227
CA: +1 647-498-5601
AU: +61 2 8317 3552
ZA: 0800 17 29 14 US: +1 347 434 9694
NZ: +64 830 3460
We kindly request that you do not send queries about anything other than academic support to our online tutors as they will simply refer you to our team of course administrators and this takes up valuable time and causes delays in assignment marking and feedback.
Please email Student Services at to discuss your needs. You can read our Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations Policy here.
Yes, we have both an appeals policy and a complaint policy.
No, unfortunately this option is not provided. Perhaps have a friend, family or colleague review your assignment for you.
Click on your profile icon on the top right hand corner and select 'Grades'. On the next screen select your course, scroll down past the test results and the Assignment feedback is at the bottom of the page.
The most effective way to enlarge the text is to press Ctrl + on your keyboard. This will cause your browser to zoom in. If there are images or graphics with text that you would like to enlarge, right click on the image and select Open image in new tab.